In recognition of National Black Business Month

We highlight Chizzy Afrique

National Black Business month comes around every August since it was first started in August 2004 by Historian John William Templeton and engineer Frederick E. Jordan Sr to quote “drive the policy agenda affecting the 2.6 million African-American businesses.“  Since then, we commemorate this day by highlighting black-owned businesses and black entrepreneurship. Black – owned businesses come in various forms, some showing even more than the standard business expectations, but finding ways to showcase great creativity and culture.

Many small African American businesses have a real hand in making sure that the African culture is evident in their products and so deserve that recognition. Chizzy Afrique is an e-commerce store owned by Chisom Uzoho of San Antonio, Texas which is one worth mentioning. Chizzy Afrique provides African clothes and colorful fabrics, representing the beautiful continent of Africa through fashion. What better way to display culture and origin?

Ankara cloth variety available at Chizzy Afrique

One seldom pre-thinks having just the right fabric until we put something on and we experience how it fits and feels, then comfort and style become the most important thing;fabric matters. Persons of African descent have had a personal relationship with fashion for centuries.  Wearing the right fabric is more than just fashion, it’s a statement. In Africa, textiles have had and still have an exceptional significance as a means of communication, information and mutual association within particular communities. There is spiritual and historical significance in not only the choice of colors, dyes and type of threads used, but also in the decorative elements. They are often used for social and political comment, for commemorative purposes marking special occasions like political or tribal events, weddings etc. Wearing these fashions allow us to connect with and represent a rich culture while remaining absolutely stylish.

African Boubou Kaftan Ankara Print dress

Chizzy Afrique delivers an exquisite variety of African fabrics. They also do African fashions – men’s clothing, dashiki for both men and women, head wraps and more.  Chizzy Afrique also makes sure to give back in the little ways that matter by supporting indigenous artisans from Nigeria. Wrap yourself in style and comfort, and check out their online store at and follow them on instagram@chizzyafrique.

Support black-owned small businesses as we celebrate each other’s success for National Black Business month.

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